Life as Usual. Sana'a, Al Khokha, Yemen اليَمَن‎ ,الخوخة‎ ,صنعاء

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In 2006, Yemen was in many ways a different country. For one, it was easier for US visitors to gain entry to the country, and experience an ease in traversing throughout. Politically these were different times. When I arrived in autumn, Saleh had two days prior been "reelected by the people." The streets were covered in presidential posters. One prominent candidate was a woman, fully-clad in niqab. Several months later, the death of Saddam Hussein brought a new kind of energy to the streets. Poster sellers who had once sold presidential posters now sold "Saddam the martyr" posters, and the streets became covered with a new face. It was an interesting time to be an American in Yemen.
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